November 01, 2010

Hello! Yes, this is it, I am officially Back with a capital B for November.

Here's something I heard on the radio at the weekend. I wasn't really listening (I was driving and I had it on to keep me awake). HONEST!

The girl band 'The Saturdays' were on Radio One, and the interviewer asked which of them was the least intelligent (charming)! Anyway, they unanimously agreed it was Frankie (even more charming!) and when asked for an example of why, this is what they said.

Apparently the band were reading Heat magazine and they had Barack Obama as Torso of the Week. (A peculiar decision in itself...)
Anyway Frankie was reading it and she commented, "Who does he play for?"

The girls cracked up and Frankie spluttered, without a trace of irony, "But how was I meant to know? They usually have footballers in there, not the Prime Minister!"

The mind boggles.

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