November 06, 2010

Ahh, Facebook. Torn between a desire to be nosey and a desire to give nothing away, Facebook is the bane of my life.

I threaten to quit on a regular basis. I frequently have a mass cull or mess around with my privacy settings so they are super-secret. I often delete things I've said, other people's comments on my stuff, and photos I've posted in a fit of paranoia.

I also get very, very cross at things other people say, and have stompy little rants about it, but never actually comment on there.

Mattgreen, who doesn't have Facebook, just rolls his eyes.

The problem is, I like to know what's going on. I can't BEAR the thought of missing out on a party invite or a good bit of gossip just because I deleted myself. Also, it's a great way of staying (vaguely) in touch with people who you like but hardly ever see, and also for seeing pics of what's going on with them.

So I keep it, locked down tighter than a nun's chastity belt, and hardly ever post anything. For now, anyway. Maybe tomorrow I'll delete it....

he he... you KNOW I understand ;-) I have also opted for the ultra-private route and I'm 'trying' to develop a loving relationship with this thing that can be good, but that is also the bane of my life!!!!! I also find that only having my 'real' friends on there, helps. Although I do wish that others were as private because then I wouldn't have to witness what the zillions of friend's friends ate for dinner or what colour knickers they are wearing. *humph* x
I know you do know!
Same here - re trying to find a happy medium. My problem is that people add me and I don't want to hurt their feelings, or cut them off.

So I am trying to keep everyone happy by not posting very often and just commenting on other peoples.

However it's only a matter of time before I have another paranoid cull ...probably!
i find that by disguising my real name, it keeps the people who want to add me - but who I'm not really interested in but still don't want to hurt their feelings - at bay :-) here's to reaching a loving relationship with Facebook!
Yes, it's a good idea. Except then I'd have to have two accounts - one for just family and friends and my existing one for everyone else. It takes up too much time as it is... so the idea of ANOTHER account makes me sigh! I think I'll bumble on as I am for a bit, and hope that one day everyone will get bored of it and drift onto the next Greatest Thing :D
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