The day Alicey turned Tory

November 08, 2010

OK, first of all yes that is a slight exaggeration of a title, especially given my previous post! Over my dead body!!!

However I thought this was an interesting comment on my previous post, especially as today I want to talk about the government's new scheme to make the unemployed volunteer (without the volunteering):

I guess the problem comes from the fact that we now live in a society where living on benefits has become more a chosen way of life than a safety net for a large proportion of society... which pisses a lot of people off. How to reach the best solution? I have no idea...

I think (almost) everyone agrees that scroungers shouldn't be allowed to just sit around on the dole doing nothing all day. However, in my opinion, not everyone on the dole is a scrounger. In fact I myself was on Jobseeker's Allowance only two years ago! We had recently moved and I had had to give up my job. I was in the process of looking for a new job in Sussex and Lee-Anne told me that I'd be entitled to it as I had paid enough National Insurance to qualify.

In fact, I got a job after only two months so I wasn't on there for long enough to be given a work placement. But had I been given one, I would have jumped at the chance. It would've been an opportunity to try something new, meet new people, get to know the area. In fact I considered taking a job working in a shop or restaurant, just because it would've been a brand new skill set and really fun to do something different for a little while. I probably would have really enjoyed a work placement! But even for people who won't enjoy it, I think it's a brilliant idea. I think the routine of working is really important, I think it will give practical experience and I think it stops taxpayers from moaning that the unemployed are a waste of space, a criticism which I think is unfair in a sizeable proportion of cases.

The only downside really is that this means I'm agreeing with the Conservatives. Again. For the second day in a row. I'm trying to convince myself that their policies are becoming more liberal rather than me becoming more Tory. And even the Guardian sort of agrees.

he he - you Tory you! I agree... we too have been on job-seekers and hubby gladly took part in the various workshops and found it to be an excellent resource to help him back into work. However, he met a lot of people who really couldn't give a toss, which was quite an eye-opener. I think most people who are genuine recipients of benefits would gladly jump at the chance of learning something new etc. I can think of a few people who won't be best pleased with this though ;-)
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Perhaps you're just a very conservative hippie?

Then again, you did blend in quite well with all my ultra conservative lawyer friends. ;)

Maybe you think for yourself and don't blindly follow any individual party lines?
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