November 05, 2010

Yesterday, my parents sold their house.

They bought it when I was 11 years old. I lived in it for years and grew up visiting them there.

They're not moving far, and I know it's the right call because the house has a huge garden and as they get older it will be hassle. My grandparents stayed in a house with a garden that was too big and that turned into a wilderness.

I feel quite sad about it though. I'm sad that I won't be able to take Ludo over to the park where we built bonfires when I was a teenager, and I won't be able to go the corner shop where I first used to buy underage alcohol, and that they won't live round the corner from where I used to live anymore.

Awww. Only I could get sentimental about somebody else's house *rolls eyes*

oh no.... you are not the only one to get sentimental! I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! When my parents moved away from our 'family home' I felt utterly lost. It didn't help that at the time I was in a period of personal indulgence and failed to really say goodbye to the house properly :-( but even now I sometimes go back to take a look, walk around the nearby streets etc... but the funniest thing is that now when I go to their new house, it seems like the same place. All the same weird furniture and crazy bits and bobs... it really is the people/belongings that make a place feel like home :-) gosh... now I am busy reminiscing about good times like stolen street lamps in my room... ahhh, the FG days were good days :-) xxx
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