Appetite for destruction

November 11, 2010

Yesterday, I came home from work and discovered a man in my garden. He'd moved my garden table and my washing line. Another man, halfway up a tree in next door's garden was hacking off huge branches with a chainsaw and they were crashing down into ours, perilously close to my quince tree.

I frowned.

Then I opened the back door. Ludo rushed out, barking and growling and I held her back by the collar as she tried to rush at the man. He looked slightly peturbed by this. I gave him my coldest look and told him that my quince tree was my pride and joy and he better not be dropping branches on it.

He promised he would not, then said, "Did you know we were here today?"
I said, "No".
He said, "Your neighbour was supposed to tell you".
No shit, Sherlock. Ah well. No harm done I suppose.

I went back indoors and the men finished hacking bits of the tree. My quince survived unharmed, which was good. Ludo barked a lot, which was good. And now next door haven't got a tree dropping leaves in our garden any more.

Um. It was quite exciting at the time, but it doesn't seem to be a very exciting story any more, but I am knackered and so it will have to do. Sorry!

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