Parenting 101

September 05, 2010

I let our family Wizard101 subscription lapse just before the summer holidays started because I wanted Izzy to spend her summer running around outdoors rather than pining to go on the computer all the time. Today I came back from the gym to find her and Mattgreen fighting lowbie monsters in the free areas.

Isabel: It seems so long ago since we all played Wizard101 together (sighs heavily) I suppose we'll never get to do that again...
Mattgreen: Well that was depressing!
Isabel: Well it's true... we never get to have fun playing anymore. Those days are over.
Mattgreen: (morosely) And one day we're all going to die.
Alicey: (sadly) And then we will lie in our cold graves...
Mattgreen: ... and the worms will eat what's left of our bodies...
Alicey: and then the nuclear winter will come...
(Mattgreen and I look at each other wistfully)
Izzy: I don't know what you two are EVEN talking about.

I guess I better resurrect our Wizard101 subscription before we traumatise her permanently.

I actually played some Wizard 101 last weekend.

Have you tried the new pet system, yet?
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