Superhero Sidekick (in my dreams)

August 26, 2010

Lately I've been crazy busy at work. My boss has decided to recruit a volunteer to help me out and the reply slips have started coming in. The other day I spotted that one of the applicants is called Mr Evill.

Later, I told Mattgreen about this.

Me: Yeah, I really want him to get the job. That way I can feel like a superhero, by introducing him to people, "... and this is my assistant, Mr Evill"! Awesome huh?
Mattgreen: That's amazing. I want to be called Mr Evill.
Me: No.. you'd be Dr Evill.
Mattgreen: (mouth gapes open in expression of awe and joy)
Me: And Izzy would be Isabel Evill. We should totally change our name by deed poll.

You know, sometimes I wonder just who the evil one is in the Green family.
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