E type, schmee type

August 03, 2010

Mattgreen and I were driving home from Stourbridge on Sunday night. We were talking about Top Gear, and I was telling him about an episode I'd seen where Lewis Hamilton was having a go in Ayrton Senna's car, and how he (Lewis Hamilton) couldn't stop giggling like a little kid.

Me: Yeah, it was really weird, I mean, how can anybody get that excited about driving a car?
Mattgreen: Oh, I dunno, I reckon my Dad would get quite excited about driving an E-type Jaguar.

Me: Why?
Mattgreen: Because it's an aspirational car, isn't it? He's dreamed about driving one of those since he was a boy, it would be amazing to fulfil that dream.
Me: But why?
Mattgreen: It just would!
Me: But aren't they basically just like a Mondeo?
Mattgreen: (incredulously) Er, NO?! Nothing like a Mondeo, are you on crack?
Me: (offended, in hurt voice) But we just saw one earlier and it looked like a Mondeo to me.
Mattgreen: That wasn't an E-type Jaguar, that was an S-type Jaguar you nutter! The E-type is a gorgeous, sleek machine. The S-type is a slimy salesman's car.

Me: Oh. (pause) I wondered why your Dad would've wanted to drive one of them.
Mattgreen: He wouldn't!
Me: Well how am I supposed to know? I thought the E-type was the one they brought out a few years ago, then the F-type, then the G-type and so on until the S-type is the latest one...
Mattgreen: *grinds teeth*

Priceless. Poor Mattgreen. LOL
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