Team Green Family Argument

June 20, 2010

Isabel is trying to shut the lid of the trunk she keeps her craft stuff in.

Izzy: It won't shut!
Mattgreen: There must be something stuck in it.
Izzy: There's not.
Mattgreen: Oh - oh right! Well it must be magic then.
Izzy: I can't shut it!
Mattgreen: (sarcastically)To misquote Sherlock Holmes, "once you've eliminated the impossible, whatever's left ... must be magic".

Mattgreen looks at it. There's a pad of paper stuck in the lid. He removes it. The lid closes.

Izzy: I didn't see it.
Mattgreen: Wow! MAGIC!
Izzy: I didn't see it.
Mattgreen: You didn't even look at it properly, that's why.
Izzy: I Did Not SEE IT!
Alicey: (calling from the kitchen) Did you see it?
Izzy: NO! I just said I DID NOT SEE IT!! ARRRGGHHH!

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