Election Part II

April 26, 2010

The other day I was busily googling the Monster Raving Loony Party when Mattgreen walked in. He glanced at my screen.

Mattgreen: What are you looking at that for?
Me: I wanted to find out the name of their famous leader.
Mattgreen: It's Screaming Lord Sutch isn't it?
Me: Yes, I've found that out now. Did you know he died?
Mattgreen: No...
Me: Yeah... he killed himself. I never knew that. Also did you know that after he died, the party was the first in history to be jointly led. The leadership election was a tie between some bloke and his cat?
Mattgreen: I did not know that.
Me: Also did you know that some of their policies have actually become law? Like all-day pub opening.. and ...
Mattgreen: Why are you looking at this?
Me: Oh! It was because I was driving home from work today and I saw one of those huge massive billboards outside someone's house. It was bright pink with yellow writing and it reminded me of the Monster Raving Loonies, and it was annoying me that I couldn't remember Lord Sutch's name.
Mattgreen: (disbelieving) You saw a Monster Raving Loony billboard? On your way home from work?
Me: Noooo... it was for those other loonies, you know, UKIP? The ones that have that nutter who's a bit like Jerry Springer, you know, what's his name...?
Mattgreen: Robert Kilroy-Silk?
Me: Yes! That's the guy, now he really IS a raving loony.

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