Tattoos in the future

March 03, 2010

Alicey: Mattgreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! We have to go to High Wycombe before my birthday!
Mattgreen: Why?
Alicey: Because I need to get my tattoo redone.
Mattgreen: Why?
Alicey: Because I had it done when I was 17, and now I'm 34, so as long as I get it done before my birthday it will have been exactly 17 years!
Mattgreen: (looks at me strangely)
Alicey: I reckon it needs redoing every 17 years! In another 17 years I'll be ... (scrunches up face in concentration) ... er...
Mattgreen: Come on now, don't you know your 17 times table?
Alicey: Fifty-something!
Mattgreen: Fifty-one.
Alicey: Yes! I shall be fifty-one. By then I'll probably want to have it removed.
Mattgreen: You'll be able to get that done on the internet by then.
Alicey: Or I'll just be able to stick my arm up against a panel on the wall and it'll go "Nnnnnnnnnnhhhr" and it'll be gone!

has it really been that long? I'm sure that was around WP time... my how time flies!
Oooo, yes. And maybe you can add a butterfly!

Heh, I know how you LOVE those.

Frank (Oberion)
When are you getting the rest of the clans from LoT5 rings? :D
No comment :P
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