I may lack essential life skills but I know how to have a good argument...

March 07, 2010

On Friday I bathed Ludo so she is super-mega-fluffy and shedding everywhere. On Saturday morning, Mattgreen was brushing Ludo.

He decides this is the moment to bollock me for noticing a clump of dog hair on the coffee table, saying "What's that doing there?", picking it up and throwing it on the floor.

Mattgreen: "I'm going to quote a made-up Alicey statistic here and say 87% of people wouldn't have just thrown that on the floor, they would've put it in the bin".
Alicey: Well I knew you were going to be sweeping up later anyway so it made no difference.
Mattgreen: It does make a difference!
Alicey: Not for 13% of people!!
(Pause. Dog hair drifts off the dog and lands delicately on the sofa)
Alicey: (shrieking) Look, there's dog hair going on the sofa now ...
Alicey: (in nagging voice) Well I hope you're going to throw that on the floor when you've finished!

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