Front door personality test

March 20, 2010

Mattgreen and I were browsing online for a new front door today. I came across this website where if you click on 'Doors' you can choose the style, colour, handle etc that you want. We were messing around with it and having a discussion about what colour door we should have.

Mattgreen: What about sage green?
Alicey: No way. We aren't having green. Definitely not green. What about blue?
Mattgreen: The blue is okay.
Alicey: Well, I could live with blue. But my favourite is still the red.
Mattgreen: Ugh, red! The sage green is loads nicer.
Alicey: Red is the most popular colour for front doors isn't it?

(Alicey types "what is the most popular colour for front doors" into Google. Various results come up including a website titled "What your front door says about you")

Alicey: I'm going to tell you what it meeeeeeeeeans!!
Mattgreen: What does green mean?
Alicey: "I am traditional at heart and prefer to blend in with the crowd rather than stand out from it," ha ha haa!! And guess what red says?
Mattgreen: What?
Alicey: "I am not afraid of speaking my mind, and will not think twice if something’s not to my liking"!! (collapses in fit of giggles) How did they KNOW?

We are going to have a red door. Obv.

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