A day at the seaside.

March 14, 2010

Today we went to the beach. It was very beautiful:


We came across this chunky boardwalk thing leading into the ocean. Izzy and I were standing on it but there were quite a few boards missing.

Mattgreen: Looks like somebody's had a few of those boards to make raised flowerbeds.
Alicey: No... they probably just floated away or something.
Mattgreen: Yeah... 3 inch thick timber bolted to a frame ... I'd get off there if I were you, that sucker could just float away at any minute.


We don't go to the seaside all that often and it never fails to amaze me that every time we do, Ludo has a go at drinking the seawater. She never seems to remember that it was disgusting last time.

Alicey: Ludo's drinking salt water again.
(Ludo looks up, looking disgusted. Sea water drips from her jaws)
Mattgreen: (in growly faux-Ludo voice) "Mmm salty ... this not so good, it make me want to have a drink! I is going to have a nice drinkie from this lovely puddle. Ohhhh... NO! NOT AGAIN!! I's been TRICKED!"


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