Like/Don't Like

February 17, 2010

Things I like made of leather:

Things I don't like made of leather:

Things I like that are strawberry flavoured:
Strawberry jelly

Things I don't like that are strawberry flavoured:
Strawberry yoghurt
Strawberry ice cream
Strawberry milkshake
Strawberry lip balm

* leather jackets can very VERY occasionally be ok on men.

Erm, random or did Matt suggest a kinky game involving a pair of driving gloves and some strawberry angel delight?
ewww yuk!

No it was just something I was thinking about in the car :)

My mother always wears leather gloves and I can't stand them, they are just too cold and creepy.

And my aversion to all things strawberry (except for the ones I like) has always struck me as strange.

How can you like something so much in one form and hate it so much in another? Weird.
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