Laundry crisis

February 10, 2010

This morning. I am getting ready for work when a semi-clothed small child appears at the bedroom door.

Izzy: Mu-uum. I haven't got any trousers. Where's my school trousers?
Me: They're in the washing - remember we were away at the weekend?
Izzy: I'll have to wear my dirty ones then.
Me: No! Look... (peering into Izzy's wardrobe) Here's a clean skirt you can wear.
Izzy: (with undisguised horror) I'm not wearing a SKIRT.
Me: You have to.
Izzy: Ugh. You're EVIL.

I made my son go without underwear under his sweatpants because they were all in the dirty laundry.

He came home from preschool letting me know he told all his friends he was going "commando."
Ahh, I remember a time when Izzy refused to wear trousers at all! I think shes showing signs of growing up
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