You're The One For Me, Fatty

January 27, 2010

Yesterday I took Ludo to the vet to get her weighed for her worming tablets.

She has gained 9kg in the last six months and now weighs 61kg. That's nine and half stone! That's more than my mum!


The vet says she has got too fat and we need to cut back on her food. We checked how much food she should be getting and it turns out we've been slightly overfeeding her. She's got to go on a doggy diet!

I rang Mattgreen to tell him this. He was at the school gate and I could hear Izzy laughing in the background. When she came home from school, she went straight up to Ludo and said, "Hi Chubby"! Later that day, Mattgreen came home and Ludo went rushing up to him wagging her tail and he said, "Hello Porky"!

The poor dog is getting a complex...
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