You either love it or you hate it

January 22, 2010

Last night, as I was making a cup of tea and toast & Marmite for our supper, I realised that I've changed my opinion on both of those items in the last five years.

Tea: I always used to take tea the One True Way, that is milk and one sugar. All the best people have their tea that way. I still smile to myself when I meet someone new who has tea that way, because it is obviously The Best. However... a few years ago my brother went to live in Antarctica, and there was no dentist on the base where he was living. Basically if you needed dental treatment, the doctor had to have a crack at it, whether they knew anything about dentistry or not.

My bro decided to give up his one sugar in tea. Probably a wise move.

Anyway, he told me it wasn't that hard and I figured it would be like changing from full fat Coke to diet Coke (which I did years ago without too much hassle), so I decided that me and Mattgreen would give up sugar too. After all, we both drink a few cups of tea a day, and that's five and a half kilos of sugar a year. And if we could get used to tea without sugar then we wouldn't even miss it, right?

It was quite hard and it took at least six months and even now if someone accidentally puts sugar in my tea I can drink it (unlike coffee - sugary coffee is only fit for the drain). But we did it! And I don't miss it. So if you are still drinking sugar in tea - give it up!

Marmite: their slogan is 'love it or hate it' and for the first thirty years of my life I hated it. I didn't like the smell, the colour or the gloopy consistency. I was definitely in the Hate It camp.

Then I started doing Weight Watchers before my wedding, and Marmite is one of their free foods. I love toast but all the things I usually had on it (jam, honey, marmalade, Nutella) cost points. Marmite was free. I decided I would see if I could make myself like it because it would be convenient to do so, and gradually over a few months, I managed to convince myself. Mattgreen thought it was hilarious watching me wincing and choking it down the first few times, but I got there in the end, and now I like it! (Although only in the evenings. Eating Marmite for breakfast is something only freaks and weirdos do).

I am the only person I've ever met who has managed to switch sides on Marmite.
Maybe that should be my life's greatest achievement ... ha ha.

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