New Year's Resolutions 2010

January 03, 2010

1. Be less busy

I decided way back in June that I desperately need to cut back on some of my commitments. We had one particularly insane weekend where we had nine people for lunch in our tiny little house (we had to sit in the garden, lucky it wasn't raining)! Then within an hour of those guests leaving we had three more arriving for a couple of nights. It was fun, but in another way it was exhausting, and I desperately need to learn how to say no to some things in order to properly enjoy others. It is not good to be busy for the next six weekends in a row, even if all six are doing things you enjoy. It is not good to volunteer for things, then feel bitter and resentful about them afterwards (i.e. volunteering to bring a load of work home over Christmas - why? why did I do that?)

I think this will be very difficult and it inevitably means we will see less of friends and family, and that makes me sad. But let's see how it goes.

2. Learn to put on eye makeup properly

In 2009 I finally started wearing makeup properly. It has been a long time coming but I've reached a certain age where I look better with it than without it. I always wear makeup to work and if I'm seeing people or going out, which works out about six days a week. My mother never showed me how to apply makeup (and anyway, she still paints on Chanel eyeliner with a paintbrush). I was too much of a goth to be interested in anything remotely subtle as a teenager. So this year I've decided: I'm going to practice with the aid of Youtube and/or go to a beautician for a proper lesson. Yet another step towards becoming a grown up...

3. Make every recipe in 'A Passion For Puddings'

This idea came about talking to my sisters-in-law. They bought me this book a few years ago and we all think it's amazing and that Phil Vickery is in fact, God. We saw them over Christmas and we had the Christmas Cake and Brandy Parfait and as usual, it was delicious. There's thirty five recipes in the book, I've already made nearly half of them and every one has been a success. Mattgreen, unsurprisingly, is right behind this resolution.

4. Regularly take photos on my favourite dog walk

Throughout the year I take Ludo over to the fields near my house to walk her. It is the most gorgeous countryside I've ever been lucky enough to live near, and I am still frequently taken aback at just how beautiful it is. I've often taken photos like this on my mobile phone:

However my phone is shite, and the pictures don't do the views justice. My resolution is to remember to take my camera with me and to take photos every month, then by December I will be able to make some little flash animation of the walk through the seasons.

5. Get my two new Wizard101 characters (balance and death schools) to level 50

And this is the kind of resolution I can get behind! I just recently made level 50 (the maximum) with Scarlet FirePants, and am still having a whale of a time. So I have rolled up a couple of new characters and am starting again from the beginning. You can see them there in the background...

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