Friday night on the M25

January 30, 2010

We are stuck in a long queue of traffic. It is moving, but pretty slowly. I'm making idle conversation with Mattgreen about the other vehicles and their owners.

Alicey: Look, he's left his petrol cap open! Someone could siphon his petrol.
Mattgreen (enthusiastically): Pull up alongside, I'll get the hose in!
(Mattgreen starts winding his window down and slurping loudly)

Later, we pass a guy in a pimped up Citroen Saxo with no numberplate.
Whilst we are taking the mickey out of his twin exhaust pipes, I realise that the reason he isn't moving forward is because he's too busy doing something on his lap.

Alicey: He's either having a wank or rolling a fag.
Mattgreen: I think that gentleman may be rolling a 'European' cigarette.

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