Resolutions 2009 - an evaluation

December 31, 2009

So it's that time of year when I drag out last year's resolutions, most of which I've completely forgotten by now, to see how I've done. Last year I didn't have a blog, so I posted my resolutions on Facebook instead.

So without further ado:

1. To spend less time on Facebook. The paranoia gnomes are out in force at the moment and rather than delete my account, I'm being a bit more private about stuff. If you can still see this, I must like you ;-)

The irony of this has not passed me by. Posting my resolutions on Facebook and then resolving to spend less time on Facebook? Oh dear. Also, I forgot to save the changes to my privacy settings, so everyone on my friends list was able to read this, a fact I failed to realise until people who I thought I'd excluded posted comments. OH DEAR.

Strangely, I'm less bothered about privacy on my blog because the people who read it either know me or are complete strangers. My discomfort with Facebook is that it enables people who vaguely know you (ex-colleagues, people from school, mums from the school gate) to find out the intricacies of what's happening in your life. You can set up complex privacy settings to get around that, but I just can't be bothered. So my Facebook has lapsed into a rarely-updated browsing tool, and I've started letting in anyone who wants to be my friend rather than being a privacy-obsessed Nazi who constantly rejects people. It's just easier. So yes - I've passed this resolution with flying colours. Woohoo!

2. To continue being a non-smoker for the entire year.

Totally aced this one as well. It's actually getting easier at last.

3. To buy a new(ish) car this year, and not still be paying for it by 2010. This is entirely do-able, but I am so shit with money that it could easily end up not happening.

Yes - we bought a new (ish) car in January and it's been perfect. It's been a bit of a revelation to discover that if you actually spend a few thousand pounds on a car rather than a few hundred, it doesn't break down within seconds of buying it and cost you an arm and a leg. Who knew? We'd never done that before! Anyway yes - it is paid for - and we even have even started saving regularly for the next one. Christ, maybe I'm becoming a grown up at last*. Three for three so far...

4. To stop drinking on weeknights! Ha ha ha!

The 'ha ha ha!' was because this seemed like a slightly unrealistic goal at the time, but both Mattgreen and I have cut back on our drinking a lot this year which is really good. It's a bit different at the moment because it's the holidays, but generally I don't drink four nights a week which is good enough for me. We had a bit of a wake-up call in March when we went to a wedding and got rat-arsed, Mattgreen lost his coat and I broke my brand new sat nav, and after that we got our act together.

5. To start running outdoors again so that I am able to join the running group at my gym from March. They run about 5 miles so I need to be able to do that in order to keep up. Of all my resolutions, this is the one I really care about. I've wanted to get back into running for years, and now I finally live somewhere flat this should be possible.

Ye-es. Hmm. Well. I might maybe have run outdoors once or twice this year. Erm. My parents bought me a flashy computerised heart rate monitor for my birthday and I have got it out of its box at least ... once. Shit. Yeah, this was an epic fail. Not a hope in hell that I could run five miles at the moment. But hey ho, four out of five is pretty good right? Better than last year at any rate.

2010 resolutions will be coming up in a few days. Happy New Year!

* Don't count on it.

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