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December 15, 2009

So, er, hi my loyal readers :)
I have been a little bit distracted...

Sorry. I got really fed up of posting after November, and then I went through a really badly obsessive phase of playing Wizard101, but I think I might be coming to the end of it. Scarlet is now level 44 and the maximum is 50, and although I do have a couple of other characters waiting in the wings, I'm sure it won't be quite as exciting second and third time round. Well, nearly sure.

If you want to come along and play, please do. Mattgreen and Izzy are also going to roll up characters and we're going to play as a family... Oh, and I was thinking I might start a little blog about our adventures. But yeah... I'm nearly over it. Probably.

Anyway, other than that, we've been up to the usual stuff. It's nearly Christmas so we put up our Christmas tree whilst listening to HP Lovecraft carols, in the traditional Green family way. We talked about Cthulu with Isabel, and she said she wanted to read some Lovecraft, and I said, "Yeah sure*" and Mattgreen said, "NO WAY". Then she went to a friend's birthday party and taught him 'Freddie the Red-Brained Mi Go' and now the child's parents probably thinks we are a bunch of freaky weirdos. So - what else is new?

* I have never actually read any Lovecraft myself, but it's not got blood and gore in it so how scary can it be? Surely if a book is scary you just stop reading it?

Egad! I can feel your souls getting darker by the minute..... er, I mean... what a lovely family tradition!

You have me hooked on Wizard101. I have a life Wizard up to 31 or 32. Fun stuff.
OMG Quix I'm so pleased to hear that :)

We have got to meet up! I'll send you an email so we can arrange a time!!

Oberion, are you reading this? He's going to start playing too...

In fact I think it is time for a post on the boards about this...

La la la la! Oh I am so happy!!
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