Russell Brand

November 03, 2009

I love Russell Brand. Well - I love the way he looks and the way he talks - I'm not too bothered about his work. I just think he'd be interesting to talk to. Er, and he'd probably be quite hot in the sack too.

Also, he's got a touch of the Jake Shillingford/Neil Hannon/Morrissey about him, which is almost certainly part of his appeal.

There was a really great interview with him in the Sunday Times this week. I highly recommend it. My favourite paragraph from the interview was:

He hasn’t eaten chocolate for ages. I tell him I love the comfort of chocolate. “Yes, but there’s a regret afterwards. I always think of that Damien Hirst title, The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of the Living. The impossibility of post-chocolate in the mind of the pre-chocolate. I am not going to run then eat a Twix — all that stupid running just for one Twix. As I am with chocolate, I am with everything. It’s better to not do it at all, because if I begin I’ll go as far as I can.”

He has a wonderful turn of phrase, don't you think? His summary of what it's like to have an addictive personality is perfect.

It got me thinking about my problem with sugar. Lately my sugar consumption has gone through the roof. I know I should stop, and I'm useless at cutting back on things. I'd rather get rid of all the sugar in the house and go cold turkey. I'm considering it. It'll be torture, but perhaps it'll be worth it. Russell Brand seems to think so.

Have you seen his interviews with Morrissey? They're around on YouTube somewhere.
Or you could replace sugar with agave nectar, so you don't have to change any habits. I made the switch to help prevent migraines and it tastes fine in my tea and coffee.
Kevan - I hadn't, but I have now. Thank you.

Jen - agave nectar? I don't know if they have that in Holland & Barratt! Also I need to give up sweets/chocolate/cake/biscuits as well, not just granulated sugar... so I'm going to have to change some habits eventually.
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