November 28, 2009

Generally I'm pretty good at chucking stuff away. When you've moved house as many times as I have (and if you haven't lost count yet, you probably haven't) you get used to cutting down your possessions at regular intervals. But my weak point is food magazines. My favourite two are Good Food and Waitrose Food Illustrated.

A couple of years back Mattgreen started complaining that our coffee table was rammed with back issues of my magazines. I nodded sagely and commented that I really should get round to snipping out the recipes I wanted to make. Time passed. Planets collided. The piles of magazines started creeping onto the floor.

Eventually I agreed to purchase a plastic box to keep my magazines in until I got round to looking through them. Here is the box:

That was a while ago now. Not only have I not got round to sorting through the box, I also haven't stopped buying more magazines. Hence:

(You can just about see the box underneath one of the piles). Sigh.

I can't bear to throw them away (especially as some of the are now about five years old - they're practically antique!) but I just never have time to go through them. In fact many of them (including the latest issue of Good Food, visible on the top of one of the piles) I have never even read.

There's no hope, is there? Sooner or later our house will look like this.

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