November 05, 2009

So, this is why I don't update my blog daily. Nothing happens!
This is my third attempt to try to scrape up something to write about from nothing. My first attempt was a fascinating insight into my calendar for the next two months (don't get overexcited now!) My second was the staggering tale of how I forgot my daughter was at Art Club, and turned up at the school gates an hour early (try to control your amazement!)

Er, that's it really. I walked the dog, I went to work, I made the dinner, I wrote the shopping list. Mattgreen went to work and came home and is doing more work on his laptop. Izzy went to school, wrote some thank you letters and read some Harry Potter. It's all so bloody mundane.

I'm bored shitless, to tell you the truth. When is something exciting going to happen? I may have to start behaving recklessly to see if I can stir things up a bit. My gut feeling is to start with shopping and drunkenness. Maybe together. This could get messy.

Please don't stop blogging though, as I love reading your posts! I've been following your blogs on and off for a few years now as they are brilliant!
My name's Helen, and I was at primary school with Matt! I found your original blog when he mentioned it on Friends Reunited ages ago and I have followed your blogs ever since because I was so hooked! Don't know if Matt will remember me, but please do say hi to him from me! :o)
Helen Albrow? Used to be friends with Dawn Rees? Year below me- same year as Laura Piece, Karen James, Matt White, Stewart Bryce and Michael Newman?

Credit where it's due: good Google-fu for finding this blog without a nudge in the right direction. I dread to think what search terms you used....
I just wanted to say Hi as well and please don't give up your blog Alice! I know Matt from primary school too and have been following your writings for a fair while - I'm also a Matt - Matthew by the way.

It's really nice being able to follow what your school friends have been up and how life is treating them now.

Keep up the good work!
Yes, Helen Albrow! You have a good memory for names, Matt! ;o)
You once wrote on Friends Reunited to search for 'Entomology Mansions' in Google - there aren't many results for that, so Alice's blog was easy to find!
Anyway, just thougth I'd say hi. So glad you are doing well.
Cool! And yeah- we are doing fine. I have to say I don't envy you having a nearly-one-year-old but congratulations and best of luck with James.
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