November 13, 2009

Firstly, Mattgreen's dream has finally come true and he has gone off to play his Vampire card game with a load of other weirdos at the European Championships in Spain. He has been going on about this as long as I've known him, but he has finally done it. So good luck Mattgreen! You can watch his progress tomorrow (and hopefully Sunday) here.

Also, I have found a nice new online game to play called Wizard 101 (thanks Gordy!) It's officially a MMORPG but I think that's a silly name and impossible to pronouce.

Anyway it is fun and quest-based and totally suitable for kids, so Izzy has totally got designs on playing it and Mattgreen has already rolled up an account of his own. My character is Fire-based, Matt's is Death-based and Izzy is planning on Storm-based, so we are all running true to type there...

This is my character:

Her name is Scarlet Firepants. There's a free trial so why not come and have a go?

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