Doggy love-in

November 20, 2009

Mattgreen and I take it in turns to walk Ludo in the mornings. He prefers the park, I prefer the farm. One of the dogs he meets in the park is a small pug called Luggage. Apparently it is named after the Terry Pratchett character because it has short legs and moves quickly. Mattgreen guessed this immediately, because he's a bit of a geek like that.

When Mattgreen first met Luggage's owner, she immediately guessed (correctly) that Ludo is named after the character from Labyrinth, and was apparently pleased not to have the only dog in town named after a character from an obscure fantasy book.

(I know this isn't particularly exciting, but today I am going to London and I may well not be sober enough to post anything by the time I get home...)

Have a great time in London.
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