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November 15, 2009

Today we went to Discover Dogs at Earls Court, because Ludo was representing the Estrela Mountain Dogs again. It was a fun afternoon - if a bit hectic at times! - but the highlight was meeting a couple who were thinking about getting an Estrela.

The bloke had owned a dog before and loved them; his very pretty girlfriend was somewhat hesitant and openly admitted she didn't know anything about them. They both seemed quite keen on Ludo and talked to me for a while about the breed. They asked me about training and what I'd done, and I explained that Ludo had gone for about a year. The girl then asked me, completely straight-faced, whether Ludo had gone on her own or if I'd to go with her to training!

The prospect of rolling up at puppy class like it was a playschool, going, "see you in an hour!" and handing the trainer the lead whilst I went and had a coffee had me in fits of giggles. I imagined my very stern dog trainer trying to handle a dozen wayward puppies single-handedly... hilarious. The very idea of raising such a suggestion cracks me up - I can almost imagine her face of thunder! Not to mention the fact that dog training is more about training the owners than the dogs!

I think the couple will have their work cut out for them dealing with an Estrela - but it'll be worth it. Estrelas are gorgeous dogs and more people should have them!

i dont know this breed. she looks beautiful, love dogs have a Border Collie who we brought back with us from America. I was going to go on the run if i couldn't bring her home. Go to your blog from Fanciful Alice.....
Thanks! Estrelas are a rare breed both here and in the States so most people have never come across one. I love BCs but haven't got the energy to keep one - the ones I know need a good couple of hours a day to wear them out!
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