An award and seven things...

November 16, 2009

Yesterday I got a little award from my friend Alice's blog:

So thanks Alice! I don't totally understand what I'm meant to do (and truth be told I'm not sure that Alice knew either!) so I am just going to choose seven related things to talk about. Alice is as girly as I am when it comes to pretty accessories, so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about SHOES!

I have a few more than seven pairs of shoes *cough* so I have picked out my favourites...

1. These are my Russell & Bromley black boots. I wear them to work and with jeans and they make anything you're wearing look smart and dressy. They're not 'wow' shoes, but it's like wearing makeup that no-one actually comments on but everyone thinks you just look nicer than usual.

2. These are the first pair of Kurt Geigers I ever bought and I looooove them but I so can't walk in them. The heels are just too high for me (I'm 5'8" and grew up in DMs). I save them for tottering around at parties and looking at admiringly.

3. My feet are incredibly narrow (a C width fitting, which probably means nothing to you unless you have children) and I have a high instep so I've always had trouble finding heels that actually fit. Well, narrow-footed people, go to Kurt Geiger. They have an incredible range of shoes with straps, bows, and narrow fittings so finally I can get shoes that I don't fall out of. I bought these on my first trip to Brighton after we moved dahn sahth, and partially so I could wear them to see The Wizard of Oz with Isabel:

4. I tried this pair on around the same time as I bought the red ones, but refused to allow myself the luxury of two pairs. Instead I moaned, whined and mentioned the petrol blue shoes at every opportunity for months on end. Mattgreen eventually bought them for my birthday and I have worn them loads. Love the cone heel, love the double strap, and they are great for work as I can run up and down stairs in them without breaking an ankle.

5. These were a complete impulse buy! They are Uggs in the form of flip flops, which I thought would make great slippers but it turns out only in the summertime. It's too cold to have exposed toes now, so they are back in their box waiting for next year. Mine are pink and white but I can't find a photo online and can't be bothered to go up in the loft, sorry! They are the comfiest flip flops I have ever owned - so much so I have accidentally worn them to work occasionally!

6. These are my most recent Geiger purchase, bought to cheer myself up about something. I can't remember what now, but the shoes are still making me happy. I thought I would risk a slightly higher heel and actually these are far easier to walk in than the purple ones. I quite often wear them round the supermarket to break them in - if I'm in agony by the end of a week's shopping then obviously I'm not done yet :)

7. The last pair on this list I don't actually own yet, but they are on my Christmas list and I am reliably informed that these bad boys are a dead cert. Come to me my pretties!

he he ... grrrrrr I WANT YOUR SHOES!!!!!
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