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November 21, 2009

I had a fabulous day yesterday!

My old mate/ex-boss Andy and I meet up in London from time to time and he treats me to a fancy lunch and we catch up. It is always a pleasure.

Yesterday we decided to go to the Saatchi Gallery to start off with. I don't recall having been before and it was quite fabulous. I went to the Tate Modern last month and the Saatchi absolutely kicks the Tate's arse.

(It doesn't hurt that the Saatchi is literally just off the King's Road, which would be my first port of call if I won the lottery, as it has just about every shop I lust after).

My favourite piece, and the only one all day that inspired me to get my camera out, was this one:

It is made of steel and is a bit M.C. Esher-esque, but also reminds me of that scene in Labyrinth, which is very Esher-esque. We couldn't work out if the steps were all the same way round, i.e. if it was turning would you be able to walk round it continuously? I looked at this piece for a good ten minutes. You could view it from a balcony above as well. Andy commented it would look good in an airport and I agree - the whole concept of infinite travel, plus the just massive scale of the thing - it would be fantastic.

After that we went for lunch at a French restaurant on Brompton Road called Racine. I still don't know exactly how it's pronounced (ray-seen? ray-chine? ra-seen?) but I've just looked it up and it means "root". It was very posh, and I had scallops, roast duck, crème caramel and lots of champagne, and it was extremely fabulous. It was very French indeed and reminded me of the sort of places my parents frequented when they lived in Paris. The food was delicious, and the waiters all had accents.

Then we went for a meander in Hyde Park, and had a look at the Diana fountain, which really was shit (Andy described it as an oval trench and that was about right), and the Albert Memorial, which was pretty spectacular.

And then we went to the pub and had a couple of double G&Ts, and then I hobbled off home in my heels and played Wizard 101 for a couple of hours and then I went to bed.

Oh happy day!

Oh for a day in London soaking up the culture! I think I might take a trip to the big smoke in the new year and indulge myself in a bit of sculpture work. I can totally see your parallels with labyrinth - all the installation is missing is a minature David Bowie running about in a fright wig!
You can't really see from the photo, but it wouldn't need to be a miniature David Bowie, the thing is so enormous he could be full size. Mmm.
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