Road trip

August 06, 2009

I'm driving and Mattgreen is sitting next to me in the passenger seat. I flick the radio on.

Alicey: Mattgreen! You fixed my radio!
Mattgreen: By 'fixed', you mean I tuned it in?
Alicey: Yes! Last time I tried to listen to Classic FM it sounded like kxkxkxkx (Alicey makes strangulated static noise)
Mattgreen: I never liked DJs who play that kxkxkxkx rubbish anyway.

Later, on the same journey, we are driving down a country lane when we see some guy walking along the path, grimacing.

Alicey: Did you see that guy?
Mattgreen: (clenching his fist) What... that guy walking along clenching his fist in a ball of rage? Yeah... grrrrr! (Fake old man accent) "The countryside makes me really ANGRY! Grrrr! It makes me want to punch some flowers! Grrr!"

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