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August 24, 2009

Isabel decided recently that she wanted to raise money for endangered wildlife. She came up with a plan that she'd help with household chores and found a charity she wanted to support called Tiger Awareness. We had a look on their site and discovered she could raise money for items such as blankets, mosquito nets, bicycles etc. to help in the fight against poaching.

When we were cleaning up our old house prior to returning the keys, Isabel got a bit bored.

Izzy: "What can I do?"
Mattgreen: "You could help by sweeping the floor or cleaning the windows if you're bored?"
Izzy: "Noooooo... that's BORING!"
Mattgreen: "Can you hear that? That's the sound of a tiger crying because it's so cold... so freezing cold... if only it had enough money for a blanket to keep itself warm..."
Izzy: (looking confused)
Mattgreen: "Or if only the poor tiger had a bicycle... it could cycle into town to keep warm..."
Alicey: (joining in) "Think of the poor tigers! All they've ever wanted is a 4x4 offroad all-terrain vehicle.. and if you clean that floor, you would be giving them the chance of a lifetime!"
Izzy: "OK, OK... I'll clean it".

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