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August 14, 2009

Hello folks! I'm back! We have just moved house so I was without internet for a while there, but don't worry - I have LOADS of hilarious posts to write over the next few days. But first, a little conversation from earlier this evening:

Mattgreen: What's this roll of plastic doing in the hallway?
Alicey: (offhand) Oh, that's my dad's birthday present. It's a car boot liner.
Alicey: (assuming the pause meant Mattgreen was interested) He gave me the reference number, so I know it's the right one.
Mattgreen: (incredulously) Your family are fucked up! It's like my dad saying, "Son, could you get me some 2 x 4 for Christmas? Make sure you get the close-grained stuff, no rubbish!"
Mattgreen: (in Yorkshire old man accent) "Here you go boy, I got you a pound of lead, I thought you might like to do some smelting on your roof joints".
Alicey: Mmmm.
Mattgreen: (singing) All I want for Christmas is mixed agg-re-gate!

and so the two Alice's return to the virtual world at the same time! Welcome back! and welcome to your new home :-) Very much looking forward to seeing you sooooooon!
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