August 04, 2009

You know that feeling, when you really want something, and you just can't stop thinking about it? Whenever your thoughts are idle for a moment, they keep turning back to that thing you're desperate for. You find yourself imagining it at inconvenient moments. The urge to just go and get it is growing stronger, and you aren't sure if you can resist? It feels more and more urgent the longer you wait? When it's more than just want, it's need?

Well that's how I feel about this little beauty.

I don't know hon. I'm just not feeling it. Sorry.
*sharp intake of breath* that is beautiful!

But £265 is a bit pricey unless you can keep it pristine and the inserts dont cost a fortune every year...I'm happy with my filofax and not too bothered if it gets biro marks and rice cake crumbs on it.
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