Wimbledon predictions

July 03, 2009

Our household is fairly anti-tennis at the moment. Mattgreen always mutters darkly that I spend the whole of June glued to the television, sneezing. Izzy thinks it's monstrously unfair that I'm watching TV for five or six hours a day when she's only allowed ONE measly hour on anything with a screen. To add insult to injury, I'm often reading the Wimbledon website and watching Wimbledon on telly at the same time...

I've developed a thick skin to all this and as usual have absolutely adored lazing on the sofa, shouting at the telly and leaping to my feet when a critical point is scored. I've seen some great matches and (despite the hayfever) it's been fabulous. In fact, I think it's been even better than usual because I've been having tennis lessons recently so now I know exactly how hard it is to pull off some of these shots.

So, without further ado, my predictions. I predict that Federer will crush Haas like a bug in straight sets. I predict Murray and Roddick will play four sets, and I'm going to go with Murray because his quarterfinal was less stressful, Murray's a few years younger, and he's got a good record vs. Roddick. Roddick's wife is much more of a babe than Murray's girlfriend though, so I'm sure that'll be some consolation....

Then on Sunday, I reckon the cardiganned buffoon will come through in three or four sets against Murray. There's too much at stake for Federer to let this one slip through his fingers. He loves showing off more than anything else, and his enormous ego would be crushed if he let some Scottish whippersnapper rob him of his special record-breaking 15th grand slam. So no - I don't think Murray will win. Maybe next year....?

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