Ten Things I Want To Do In The Next Ten Years

July 11, 2009

1. Own chickens
2. Buy a pair of Louboutins
3. Continue playing a racquet sport
4. Do a parachute jump
5. Live in a house for a decade
6. Teach my daughter to cook
7. Go back to working full-time, doing something I find fulfilling
8. Visit Northumbria, in particular Alnwick
9. Run a marathon
10. Eat in a 3 Michelin starred restaurant

1) ... I best not ask
2) I had to google this one
3) I really need to start playing squash again
4) Still cant see a reason to jump out of a plane that isn't at least partially in flames
5) I haven't done that one either but i think I am happy to put never living in a house for a decade as something to do :)
6) cool
7) It really helps when you love what you do
8) ok....
9) I cant see me doing that one... ever
10) Done this I think...scurrys off to google...yup http://www.le-bernardin.com/. prix faire lunch menu very reasonable and was very worth every penny.
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