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July 12, 2009

Warning: do not read unless you're prepared to cry with laughter

Awkward Family Photos - this has been doing the rounds, but is absolute comedy gold.

Emails from an Asshole
- this guy emails people who've put ads up on Craigslist to wind them up, then posts the funny responses. I've had tears rolling down my cheeks reading this. Enjoy!
(Start with Pube Stylists and Ride to Bonnaroo).

The email thing seems a bit harsh, deliberately wasting innocent people's time. Surely there are plenty of more deserving targets on Craiglist than people wanting babysitters or car shares?

419 baiting is much healthier - wasting the time of Nigerian email scammers, so that they have less time to spend on scamming their real victims. 419eater has a great archive of emails and "trophies".
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