A new one to file under, "Weirdest Comments Ever Made To Me"

July 18, 2009

I'm standing outside a shop with Ludo, stroking her absentmindedly, waiting for MattGreen. An elderly gentleman, probably in his seventies, stops and stares at me. Then he says:

"If I get down on my hands and knees, will you do that to me?"



Did you get your pepper spray out?
LOL. That's hilarious. Bless the old boy! Well, at least you know you've still got it ... in a way? ;-) See you sooooon! x
I'm not sure I want to still have it ... in *that* way!

Actually I was so shocked and embarrassed that I just laughed. Then he scurried off to catch up with his wife.
OMG, the filthy Guv'nor! Or perhas he meant it in a kindly 'old gent' type way?

no...no, he wanted to be your bitch!
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