June 28, 2009

Mattgreen got a letter the other day from one of his old universities. It read, "One of the highlights of my first year as Rector of XXX has been the opportunity to meet alumni at events both on campus and throughout the world. It has been wonderful to witness first hand the commitment that so many of our alumni desmonstrate in maintaining strong and supportive links with their former university..." etc. etc.

I thought, "Oh, how interesting, isn't it nice that they want to stay in touch!" I left it out on the side for Mattgreen to peruse with interest on his return from work.

Mattgreen comes in from work, picks up the letter, reads in a falsetto voice, "One of the highlights of my first year as Rector was that time I spanked all the first years *cough* Now give me all your money!" and tosses the letter in the bin.

Mattgreen is obviously not the kind of alumni they are looking for.

You are touchingly innocent ;) being on the alumni mailing list is dual purose 1) If you are successful they get to bask in your glory and make money 2) They can sting you for an emotional tenner a few times a year

Or maybe its that I am so cynical!
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