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January 23, 2007

I really never wanted my blog to become a "list of things I've done lately". Originally I intended it to be a 'funny little snippets' type blog, where I wrote about hilarious conversations I'd had, or things I'd seen. You know, like Maggie Mason, who does that sort of writing so brilliantly.

Well, I have come to the conclusion that I don't have many hilarious conversations, and the ones I do have usually get forgotten before they make it as far as my blog. I rarely see fascinating things, because I spend my entire life on a small loop between home-work-school-gym-supermarket.

Anyway, I've decided to do a "things I've done lately" post because I can't face explaining this over and over again. This way I can tell everyone at once.

Firstly, we are finally getting our Estrela puppy. One of our breeders has got a pregnant bitch, due in less than two weeks, and we are pretty much top of the waiting list. She has promised to ring me as soon as the puppies are born. It is not 100% certain yet, because I refuse to get too excited until the puppies are actually here and there is definitely one for us, but it's looking very promising. Assuming everything goes according to plan, we will be bringing our puppy home just before the Easter holidays.

Secondly, I have made the huge-est most decisive decision today and withdrawn from my Open University course. I had already started working on it but was finding it hard going and was getting severely panicky about how I was going to manage. I already have a part time job and am a stay-at-home-mum the rest of the time, plus a puppy on the way, plus we're planning to move house this year. I just couldn't find another sixteen hours a week, and I was terrified that I'd taken on too much and something was going to give. That something would probably have been my sanity, since I will never admit defeat.

I am greatly relieved. The refund from the OU will go some way towards the cost of the puppy. The week's holiday I save by not going to summer school will mean Isabel won't have to go to a playscheme in the summer. And the time I've freed up can be spent training the puppy. The only downside is that my degree is going to take ANOTHER year on the end of the five years its already taking.

Oh, and the fact that after two weeks of study, I wasn't much enjoying the psychology course. I was really hoping that it'd grab me, but it didn't, which leaves me back in the sea of what-the-hell-am-I-going-to-do? I'm hoping all will become clear, one day the mists will just roll back and the answer will be in front of my very eyes. Yeah right.

Our house is nearly ready to be put up for sale. We've just got to decorate the stairs/landing, recarpet the bedroom and Matt has got to tile the kitchen. Hopefully we'll have it on the market by the end of February. We're not moving far - probably only a couple of streets away - somewhere we can still walk to Isabel's school. It is going to be loads of hassle and upheaval, but the hope is that we'll end up with a three-bedroomed house with a bigger garden for the dog.

That's about all the news for now.

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