Snapshot in time

January 02, 2007

Tonight, I was playing on the internet while Izzy was getting ready for bed. She came in and said, "Come and read my books Mummy," like she always does. As usual, I was in the middle of something and said, "Hang on a minute.."

Isabel came round the side of my chair, stood on tiptoe and then said, "Come on you toad".

I nearly collapsed laughing. Where did she get that from?! I tried to tell her off for being rude (It wouldn't have been quite so funny if she'd said it to her teacher, or to Grandma!) but it was a bit half-hearted as I couldn't stop giggling. Five is such a lovely age.

I've heard that somewhere before, and it resonates loudly as something your Mother would say!

You're right, five is a lovely age...
Ribbet, ribbet!!
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