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November 09, 2006

I'm having issues.

It all started when Sky One inconsiderately poached LOST from Channel 4. I love that programme. It's the only thing I watch on TV.

The only problem is we haven't got Sky One. I don't want to download it, or wait for the DVD. I want to watch it one episode at a time, texting Gordy in the adverts.

So, I saw a promotion for NTL, which gives you telephone for £11 a month, plus free digital TV (which includes Sky One). This is the answer! I couldn't care less about switching away from BT, and I get my beloved Lost back. Hooray!

It was only later that I discovered that ADSL Broadband doesn't work through a cable connection. Our broadband is ADSL. You can get broadband via the cable, so I could just add it to our NTL package. So... I cancelled our F2S broadband.

Then I discovered that my webspace, which is hosted on F2S, requires you to have an active account with them. Now we no longer have one, my weblog is going to die. I'm not quite sure when, but it could be as soon as the end of this month. Why is my life always so damn complicated? All I wanted was to watch ONE TV programme, and I've ended up changing our phone provider, broadband provider and now my webhost as well. Sigh.

To be honest, I think I am just going to take a hiatus. I haven't got the time or energy to find a new host, move all my posts and get round to designing a new template. I haven't even had much to say lately.

Now that would really piss me off. I can not live without Lost. I can give up all TV except for Lost.
Anyway, I've already seen the first 6 episodes of season three. OMG it only gets better. Let me know if you wanna copy. Maybe you could invite Gordy down for a mega Lost watching session. Not your ideal solution but it's less hassle
I don't really know very much about Blogger, but would moving it be as easy as just changing the FTP details to point somewhere new, and clicking "republish all"? (Is entomology-mansions still around anywhere?)
dont you even think about stopping blogging, Mrs!
Entomology-mansions is dead. Long live entomology-mansions. Ha!

No seriously, it has gone. We stopped using it and now we don't use the email either, it's not worth keeping. I don't have any other space I can FTP to. I can't redirect from this address because it's going to disappear.

So I guess I should just start again completely, find some free webspace, or just use Blogger's own webspace. I'll probably end up losing all my archives (again) but I can live with that.

At the moment I just haven't got time to sort it out, so sorry but I'm definitely going to stop writing for a while.
You cant stop blogging. dont even think about it :)
Well, shout if you want any help saving the archives. They're all stored as HTML on the server, though, aren't they? You should be able to just download them and keep them on your PC at home, for now.
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