Nine months of hell

October 16, 2006

It might sound like it from the title, but no, I am not pregnant.

Yesterday I signed up for the next chunk of my OU degree. It's time to say farewell to my social life again!

I'm doing Exploring Psychology, which starts in January 2007. It's a level two course, with an associated summer school, thereby making it more work than I have ever attempted before in a year.

Alongside the course I will also be moving house and getting a new puppy, as well as coping with six weeks of school holidays, during which I will lose all my study time.

Don't expect to see much of me next year. I feel stressed just thinking about it. But as usual, I expect I'll find a way.

Good for you!

I takes a lot of determination to embark on a part time degree course but always remember; you are not alone.

I once read in Sesame (OU student periodical) that a woman took two second level courses in one year, as well as bringing up a family and working in a charity shop part time!)

Whilst thinking that she was out of her friggin mind, I quite admired how she juggled everything enough to get passable grades for both courses. If you want something badly enough then you can easily acheive it.

Talking of which, I should get back to revising for my own OU exam, which is 20 hours time... Yikes!
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