French Connection

October 20, 2006

There is a French restaurant in town that's really nice. We went there for my 30th birthday and had a lovely time. I found out recently that they do a special evening in half-term for families. Basically you go along with your kids, they get mini-taster versions of the adult menu (no chicken nuggets here) and the adults get 2 courses and wine.

I thought this sounded great so I booked us a table. Unfortunately, it now transpires that Mattgreen has got to go away to Scotland for work and is going to miss it. So I was explaining this to Isabel, and trying to give it the slant of, "Nevermind, we can have a nice girly night out instead".

Me: So even though Daddy can't come, we can still go.
Isabel: Oh.
Me: We can dress up in our prettiest clothes and even wear make up!
Isabel: Oooh! Can I wear make up?
Me: Yes
Isabel: (grinning) I'm going to wear my purple party dress!
Me: That's fine. What shall I wear? I haven't got any party dresses.
Isabel: You can wear your wedding dress, Mummy.

That's the second time Isabel has suggested I wear my wedding dress inappropriately. The first, if you've forgotten, was to Soraya's wedding!

I have tactfully explained that my wedding dress probably wouldn't be appropriate attire to the local restaurant, although it probably would give the rest of the clientele a laugh!

Ha! Isabel obviously is in love with the image of mummy in her 'party' dress! You MUST go shopping for a brand new dress, if only for the sake of your daughter!!! You owe it to her!
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