October 09, 2006

I've owned my favourite pair of boots for six years. I bought them from Russell & Bromley in Bath not long before I got pregnant, and they have been the best footwear I have ever owned. I wear them to work almost every day and they still look great. They are so comfortable and yet so stylish and beautiful and I love them. I'm eternally grateful that I was wild and careless with money before I had Izzy and indulged myself because there is no way I could've afforded to spend that kind of money on boots afterwards.

Well... they are starting to get a bit scuffed and old, which is fair enough after six years of constant use, and I have been thinking about replacing them. And I couldn't see the point of buying cheap boots, because they just wouldn't last as long or be as beautiful. And now we can sort of afford it, I thought I should at least see what was available.

This weekend I was in Bath, and hence I ended up in Russell & Bromley. And I set eyes upon the boots, and they had to be mine. No other boots would do. I tried on the boots. They were perfect.

Willo suggested I try a few other shops before I spent scary money on the boots, so we went round Office and Hobbs and a couple of others, but it was no good. My heart was set on THOSE boots. So I called Mattgreen to er, just see what he thought, before I spent an insane amount of money on boots, to just make SURE that'd be OK. And he said that it was, because he is a kind and loving husband, and I rushed back to Russell & Bromley and bought the boots.

Here they are:

Nice, they look sexy like my new pair. Your story sounds a bit like mine. Once you try on a pair you love, no other pair will do. So how much were they?

BTW 6yrs is a long time for a pair of boots to last, I'm impressed
oooh I reckon you didnt get much change from 170 quid...
Yeah I'm feeling your boot love... I am curently trying to find a pair of cheapo elastic fabric boots - must be FLAT, cant wear any heels at the mo cos of my back - because if I dont I will be spending from now until I give birth in flip flops (I dont have anything else that fits any more). So I went to TESCO (ha! far cry from R&B) to get whatever. The only elastic-fabric ones they had had gorgeous little stilletto heels on (which I love)about 2" high. Well it wasn't until I had put them on and slipped over twice *before* getting up off the chair that I resigned myself to the fact that I cant wear sexy boots right now :-( booooooooo! Guess I'll just have to bide my time like you and Michelle!
OMG At that price I'd want more than sexy, I'd want orgasms
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