When spam gets personal

September 21, 2006

Recently I've lost quite a lot of weight. I've only got a few pounds more to lose before I'll be done and I've already got to the point where I'm comfortable with the way I look.

However, nobody has told the spam generators.

I've recently had to change email addresses because the old entomology-mansions one was getting literally hundreds of spam messages every week. A lot of them are for porn and Nigerians, as you'd expect, but a good percentage are weight-related. For example, here are some titles of messages I've received in the last few days:

Obesity is dangerous, stop it
Achieve picture perfect weight and enjoy life
A simple and safe way to weigh less
Say goodbye to extra pounds
Be leaner and slimmer by next week
Become fit and happy again

This really pisses me off! Now, I know there is not a lot of point getting in a rage with spam generators... it's rather like shouting at the cashpoint, or kicking your car. But I can't help but take it personally. It's bad for my self-confidence even reading the titles. At first I want to shout, "Fuck off and leave me alone!" and then a small voice in the back of my head says, "Are you sure you don't want picture perfect weight?!"

So. I'm not using that email account anymore. I'll keep checking it for a few more weeks and then I'm deleting it. I have got enough things to worry about without being insulted by my computer!

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