September 20, 2006

When Isabel was learning to talk she often used to mispronounce words. As she's got older, it happens less and less, but lately she's said a few things that have really made me laugh.

The classic one is spiashios instead of pistachios from last Christmas. She's learned it now, but I have video evidence!

Recent ones include:

Necessities: (singing, in the back of the car) "The simple bare ne-sesames of life".

Rugby: (watching the tv in the changing room at the gym) "They are playing rugberry, Mummy".

Assembly: "We had our first dissembly at school today".

I know what you mean. It's so cute when Oli says knees instead of please
LOL @ 'rugberry' ahhhhhhh! It kind of makes sense, I can see how she got there!
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