Last day, first day

September 06, 2006

Tomorrow is Isabel's last day at nursery. On Monday she starts school.

I'm not your average soppy mother and I expected to be totally nonplussed about the situation. To my surprise, I am much more cut up about it than I was expecting.

Don't worry, I'm not about to burst into floods of tears at the school gates or anything. But it is a huge change. It will throw all our routines into disarray. Isabel will have to start all over again with a new teacher and new classmates. She might find it mentally exhausting. I'm worried she's going to miss the nursery staff and her friends there. What if the other children at school are nasty to her? My mother says, ominously, that she will change when she goes to school. I'll be making all her packed lunches and all her dinners, rather than just some of them. My working hours are changing too, which will have a huge impact on our everyday routine. I haven't given much thought to what we're going to do after school every day, and I daren't even contemplate how we are going to juggle our holidays to fit in with hers. We have 50 days between us, if we don't have a single day off together, and she has over 60 days off a year.

Mattgreen says that I fear change. I'm not sure if it's that, or if I'm sad that my baby is growing up, or if its something else entirely, but everything feels a bit scary and uncomfortable at the moment. As usual, I'm also outrageously busy, which really isn't helping.

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