Terrorist magazine

August 22, 2006

Yesterday Isabel and I flew home from Paris.
We arrived at the airport and discovered we weren't allowed to take hand luggage on the plane. We dutifully placed money and passports in plastic bags and I opened up my suitcase to put my handbag inside.

Isabel kept asking, "When can I have my Barbie magazine?" I explained that she wasn't going to be able to have it now because it had to go on the aeroplane. Cue screaming tantrum...

I explained that nasty people might want to put a bomb on the plane so we couldn't take things onboard just in case. I said she could have her magazine when we got to the car. I told her that you can't always have the things you want. Nothing worked.

Eventually, running out of patience, I said, "Which would you rather... the plane got blown up and everybody dies, or you get your magazine?"

She wailed, "My magazine!"

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