April 19, 2006

I've just had an email from a gentleman called Filleting L. Gaunter (interesting choice of a name, Filleting) who wanted to tell me about the success of a phenomenal new nutritional supplement called Hoodia 920+.

He provided the following inspirational testimonial:

"I tried Hoodia 920+ after visiting your website, and I lost a few pounds without doing anything else. I was so amazed I decided to start exercising and getting outside more and I even starting eating better. Now I don't even look like the same man. Thank you … Hoodia 920+ really works!" -- Bob Fleming, Arkansas

You know, that's really interesting. I really think this supplement could work for everyone! I mean.. lose a couple of pounds through the power of placebo alone, and then simply START EXERCISING and STOP STUFFING YOUR FACE. What an awesome drug! Where do I sign up?

So does this mean that taking the Hoodia with the burgers and chips will not make me loose lots of weight ? And I thought all I had to do was buy Hoodia to loose lots of weight, where on the bottle does it say I have to move my large behind off the couch ?.. LOL

Now I also see why its a great sucess. I must have lost 5lbs doing all this typing with my Hoodia.
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